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So I’m watching this guy and girl on a date. He has paid for everything and ordering her whatever she likes. SHE, since I’ve been here has

• sent him to the store to by her Tylenol for her cramps (she yells Tylenol not midol, I don’t like Midol..)
• taken 4 calls since he returned; as he sits and waits
• is currently on call number 5 which is going on over 5 minutes…

Is it me? Is this what’s good in the dating hood? Is this what I have to look forward to in the land of the single?

"This is the part where you give in…tell me you cant live without me… Change that face you’re making…I’m so scared I can’t breathe"

Yo!!! THIS SONG…. I’m such a punk yo! I have been trying to be strong for so long… not strong… nonchalant…like I could take or leave being in love… I can’t. I need it. I need love… I need the sappy tenderness of it, the deep passion, the laughter, the butterflies, the romance, all of it.

Love :”PLEASE don’t go! I can beg you real fast or beg you real slow! No No No, I gotta lotta love that I cant control” 

This song is ALL OF LIFE right now. At least my life.

  • Me: my feet feel crusty?
  • Him: the bottom of them, yeah.
  • Me:
  • Me: 😳😒
^^^^THIS!!! I want to tell this to someone I know… But I think they like things “as is” because they are steady feeding the wrong situations…

^^^^THIS!!! I want to tell this to someone I know… But I think they like things “as is” because they are steady feeding the wrong situations…

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"My love what did I do to make you fall so far from me?

And now I can recall because of the fall selective memory,

Then you, you built a wall; a 20 ft wall so I couldn’t see.

But if I get off my knees I might recall I’m 20 ft tall…”

- Erykah Badu

How many times in love do we mess up? How many times are we on the receiving end of said hurt? 20ft Tall is dope ESPECIALLY for the person who does the hurting because it means (IMO) that you shouldn’t rest in the fact that you hurt someone, you shouldn’t even lose hope when they put up a wall. Chances are they just want you to stand up, and see that you’re really as tall if not taller than the wall… And can see the issue OR the prize and and resolve/ obtain it.

As I’m walking through NYC, remembering, floating, it reminds me of an ex boyfriend. Remembering the good times, the bad times, the scents, the feelings, the laughter, the joys, intimacy, publicity, the love, the mistrust, the excitement, the newness, the familiarity, and then the realization. It was good, great even, but time and circumstance have made you grow apart. And you can leave loving it always. It’s always good to part ways on good terms