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Sharing is caring... Just call me care bear! It's just me in all my randamorous splendor. The ADD catch up of afros (Love em) fashion, make - up coveting, food, Hair product, thoughts, reasons i shouldn't have a camera and just a plethora of STUFF... Enjoy my mayhem
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And when I’m sad it’s best to avoid wine like the plague.

Talk about motivation to get un-sad. Cuz I could go for a nice glass…

These blasted holidays reminding me I’m single…

I will beat this feeling. It’s just a feeling and I have authority over them.

There may be posts… There may be nothing. Just a heads up.

… When you feel uncomfortable in your skin, when every step you make has you feeling like you’re going to hurl, when you can’t put words to the feelings inside… I must be growing again