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I have feelings today. I’m glad I prayed because I’m not consumed by them. But I realize that relationships aren’t easy and they’re ever changing. WITHOUT BEING THE VICTIM I am hurt. To hear consistently that the dissolve of a friendship is best for ALL parties involved is hard to hear.

You never want to be toxic in a friendship and you don’t want to be exposed to toxic behavior either so…

Despite my desire to chase after this (and I want to because it’s a friendship with years in) this time I’m going to trust God and take my hands off of it and not get ancy or consider the loss.

Maybe in the future we will be friends again.

But today, it hurts.

And when I’m sad it’s best to avoid wine like the plague.

Talk about motivation to get un-sad. Cuz I could go for a nice glass…

These blasted holidays reminding me I’m single…

I will beat this feeling. It’s just a feeling and I have authority over them.

There may be posts… There may be nothing. Just a heads up.

… When you feel uncomfortable in your skin, when every step you make has you feeling like you’re going to hurl, when you can’t put words to the feelings inside… I must be growing again